is an acquisition and development company that targets natural resource properties and cutting edge technology opportunities.

The Company primarily looks to identify properties with proven natural resource reserves where they can option mineral rights or joint venture with landowners to develop and mine the property. Discovery Minerals focus is gold mines that have been abandoned where new technology and geological methodology may identify additional ore resources significantly enhancing potential mining output. 


Discovery brings a wealth of mining expertise and resources to projects through both its officers and directors as well as a global network of sector leading professionals. Discovery can mobilize the best talent available for individual projects as may be needed. The Company has found that this is an extremely effective way to attract landholders with mining assets & reserves into offering partnerships and joint ventures.

Discovery Board
of Directors

Russell Smith

President & CEO

With considerable experience managing public companies internationally for several decades, and Prior management of corporation’s mining projects, Russell has been involved in all phases of exploration and mining production, including as a hard rock miner.

Girvan Jackson


With many years of underground mining experience including supervising operations at Norseman Gold Mines in West Australia, Girvan is known for sinking Declines for major mining operations around the world and  with better budget & scheduling results than most engineering  construction Companies.

William McNerney


After piloting Giant airplanes for Northwest around the world for over 20 years, William conducted exploration activities on his own behalf and successfully coordinated funding for oil well drilling programs.


Transparency of all activities and open communication are integral to our corporate philosophy.

All Company information aims to promote and strengthen the confidence of our investors and business partners, as well as the general public. Our intention is to provide you with real-time and comprehensive information about our business activities. We are committed to fulfilling our obligation and duty as a responsible corporation, ensuring that our behavior reflects our values and concern of our shareholders.

Stock Symbol: DSCR

Investor Relations:
Tel: (310) 607-8252
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