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Discover The Possibilities with 210 million of the Discovery Gold Coins onto the Ethereum Blockchain

Discovery Minerals Selects Alt 5 Sigma for the Development of its Discovery Coin and Payment Gateway

GRASS VALLEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / Discovery Minerals LTD (OTC PINK:DSCR), the precious metals exploration and production company, is pleased to announce the selection of Alt 5 Sigma Inc., for the development of its Discovery Coin (“DSG”) and Payment Gateway. The goal for creation of a gold-backed Discovery Coin is for revenue diversification to create liquidity and assist in monetizing gold resources

According to the agreement, Alt 5 Sigma plans to mint a total of 210 million of the Discovery Gold Coins onto the Ethereum Blockchain with DSG. Once fully subscribed, the intent is for the Discovery Gold Coin to be tethered to 2,100 Bitcoins, 2,100 Ethers, 2,100 ounces of physical gold and 2,100 ounces of physical silver. In addition to the minting of the coin, Alt 5 Sigma will assist the company with payment processing, secondary listing, as well as deploying a merchant payment gateway using their proprietary technology, enabling merchants globally to accept Discovery Gold Coin as payments.

“We have been exploring the creation of a gold-backed coin, leveraging gold reserve assets in mining claims. Alt 5 Sigma’s team and technology has really set themselves apart when it came time to select a blockchain technology provider,” said Russel Smith, President and CEO of Discovery Minerals. “The Discovery Gold Coin is a great opportunity for both our shareholders and holders of the Coins alike. As the Ruby gold mine consolidates into expanded production, Discovery Minerals Ltd will explore dedicating part of the reserves and production to the Discovery Gold Coin assets. Details of such a transaction are currently being formulated,” further added Mr. Smith. Mr. Andre Beauchesne, Chairman of ALT 5 Sigma, applauded this concept as being positive for both Discovery Gold Coin and Discovery Minerals Ltd .